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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the English language proficiency of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. IELTS tests are held in over 1,000 locations across the world with tests up to four times a month. 


All candidates must complete four Modules – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking to obtain an IELTS Test Report Form. Candidates are tested in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Modules. There is a choice between Academic and General Training in the Reading and Writing Modules.

The Academic Version is intended for those who want to go abroad for higher education and for professionals such as medical doctors and nurses who want to study or practise in an English-speaking country.


Students, Homemakers, and Working Professional

Complete IELTS Course
IELTS Foundation | Advanced 

Over 70+ IELTS videos and over 250 + Grammar animated videos are designed for both basic and advanced students.

IELTS Self Assessment
Toolkit | Checklists

Get your IELTS assessment. You can check your writing with our simple to use assessment toolkit.

Cambridge IELTS Assessment
International English Skill Assessment

The training and assessments are inspired by Cambridge Training and assessments methodology

Course Material 
IELTS Preparation Notes  

You have access to notes and material that is easy to understand and instant to learn.

Self-Paced Training Modules
Working | Non-Working 

Now, take your own time and learn the concepts of IELTS without hampering your daily schedules. Pace your learning accordingly.  

Live Recorded Sessions
Trainer | Class Experience 

Video sessions are recorded as live videos, just as a classroom experience.

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IELTS Test Readiness Indicator (RI) & Tests

Know if you are ready to take your IELTS assessment with our IELTS readiness indicator.

IELTS Common Issues Myths | Practical Aspects

There are sections that talk and clarifies about various common myths and issues related to IELTS in general.

Advanced IELTS
8+ Band | Tips n Strategies.

It Covers IELTS and other topics that can help to achieve higher bands.  

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IELTS & Grammar Skills 



IELTS Assessment Criteria 

- Academic Module (AC)

- Graph Explaination

- Process Diagram

- General Training (GT)

- Letter Writing

- Writing Tone

- Essay Writing

- Essay Specific response

- Writing Introduction

- Writing Conclusions

- Structuring Paragraphs

- Model Description

- C&C, Instant Vocabulary

and much more...

A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Writing


- Reading Foundation

- Locating Answers

- Question Analysis


- Fill in the blanks

- Match the Headings

- Solving Maps

- True/False/Not Given

- Time Management

- IELTS Reading Assesment

- Live Example - Solved

- Do's and Don't

and much more...



- Listening Exam Structure

- Listening Assessment Structure

- Sentence Completion  
- Diagram/Flow Chart - Table Completion  
- Diagram Labelling

- Solution to Listening Challenges

- Practice Techniques

- Classification  
- Matching 

and more..

Listening to Music


- Speaking Structure

- Speaking Assessment

- Speaking Do's n Don'ts

- Preparing for Part 1

- Preparing for Part 2

- Preparing for Part 3

- Speaking Planning

- Speaking Strategy

and more...

Online Discussion


- Grammar - Foundation

- Grammar - Intermediate


- Noun, Proper, Articles

- Pronoun

- Adjectives

- Adverbs

- Conjunction

- Prepositions


- Interjections
- Advanced Grammar

- Grammar Assessments

- Practice Tests

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Rakesh Dandu

Over 17+yrs in Training, Learning & Dev.
IELTS Master Trainer (T3), Author

Former Consultant, Board of Education, NY
Keynote Speaker, Student Visa Counselor
British Council Certified IELTS Trainer
Pearson Test of English Certified
American TESOL Certified 
ECTEFL Certified English Trainer
Certified Psychometrician, CAMI, USA
Scrum Master Certified



IELTS Valley is a highly revered and specialized IELTS Coaching and English Grammar app with over 6000+ subscribers through various platforms. Although IELTS Valley started its operations way back in 2014, the app came into existence only recently.


The post COVID19 scenario has shown both the need and the benefits of e-training. IELTS Valley App promises to uphold this spirit of safety and convenience in making a strong English language foundation and preparing for the IELTS exam.


The app, with the features such as the Readiness Assessments, Readiness Indicator, Foundation to advanced IELTS & Grammar live-recorded videos, and IELTS skill gap report, inevitably makes it the No.1 choice of the students.

We hope that using the IELTS Valley app brings you a step closure to conquering your own IELTS challenge.  


IELTS Valley

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What People are Saying

See what people are saying about the IELTS Valley app!!

"HI I am Manjot Kaur, I prepered for my IELTS exam using IELTS Valley. At first I was not sure of the app, but to my surprise, information on this app, videos, assessments and expert information is unbeatable. This is far better than at least top 2 popular institutes in Dwarka." I wish I knew about this earlier. My IELTS


Score Overall: 7.5

"HelIo Sir, Thank you so much for this lovely app. It helped me where I was going wrong in Writing and Speaking. Assessments provided in the app are excellent just wonderful.

Harpreet Singh, Moga

Great videos, in-depth IELTS concepts explanation. Grammar videos have been fantastic, every topic discussed, useful for basic to advanced students. I am so happy to use IELTS Valley. Respects.


Muskan Mehra, Dehradun

“First Thing first”

Thanks a ton for helping me prepare for IELTS exam. I had already taken IELTS four times before I bumped into IELTS Valley. If only I had know that there exists such an app previously, I won't have wasted my time and money. The lead trainer is clearly an assessor from British Council or IDP as there is lots of authentic information shared and with logic. I strongly recommend this app before you decide on any  in-class training. 

Jyoti Malik, HDFC Bank

"Brilliant App, Must Download"


I downloaded this app because it gave me the freedom to lean whereever I am. It also gave me IELTS skills performance report which showed where I stand. Great app indeed!!. 

Ronnie, Goa

“5 STAR" app

This is the only app avaiable online for complete IELTS TRAINING.

Excellent initiative from IELTS Valley and a great support for those who need a mobile app based authentic training.

Gabi Samuel, Banglore 

Hello Sir,

Your app had immensely helped me prepare for IELTS exam. Since I have a touring job due to my Sales and Marketing profile, my training had to be on the move. Your videos, and self-correction & assessment techniques helped me greatly. Also, I cannot stop appreciating your perfect reference and practice material as well, that lead me to achieve the much needed bands.


Kartik Mohan, Student


Hi IELTS Valley, this such a useful app. What I loved the most is that it is based on IELTS assessment criteria which is most needed by a student if they are serious about IELTS training. This one thing makes the app so unique and authentic to the core. Excellent work by the trainer. God Bless you.


Nandani Verma, Delhi

Getting a good IELTS training has always been a challenge in Nepal especially in Pokhara. I sincerely thank you for making this app. Now I can prepare well for my IELTS Exam.


Fanindra Bhatt, Nepal 

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